Taste Sensations Trio


Discover a world of delightful flavours with our Taste Sensations Trio. Our Beetroot & Shiraz Relish, Figs in Shiraz Syrup, and Merlot Wine Jelly are expertly crafted to elevate your grazing board or cheeseboard to new heights.

Included in this bundle:

Beetroot & Shiraz Relish: Indulge in the rich, earthy sweetness of our Beetroot & Shiraz Relish, perfectly balanced with tangy undertones, adding a burst of vibrant colour and flavour to your favourite meats, cheeses and crackers.

Figs in Shiraz Syrup: Immerse yourself in the luxurious allure of Figs in Shiraz Syrup, where succulent figs soak in the velvety richness of Shiraz wine. The result? A match made in culinary heaven, effortlessly enhancing the textures and flavours of your cheeseboard creations.

Merlot Wine Jelly: Lastly, immerse your taste buds in the velvety smoothness of our Merlot Wine Jelly. Crafted with the finest Merlot wine, this exquisite jelly is the epitome of elegance, lending a touch of sophistication to your cheese pairings.

Unleash your creativity and take your grazing experience to extraordinary heights with this trio of gourmet treasures. Perfect for entertaining or enjoying a moment of indulgence, these artisanal delights will leave a lasting impression on your palate. Let the symphony of flavours unfold with our Beetroot Relish, Figs in Shiraz Syrup, and Merlot Wine Jelly – a sensory adventure you won't want to miss.

Figs in Shiraz Syrup (390g)
Merlot Wine Jelly 235g

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