Gourmet Medley


Each product in our Gourmet Medley is meticulously crafted using the finest ingredients, ensuring exceptional taste and quality. Perfect for culinary enthusiasts and food lovers alike, this collection is designed to add a touch of gourmet excellence to your dining table. Elevate your meals and impress your guests with the divine flavours of our Gourmet Medley.

Included in this bundle: 

Beetroot & Shiraz Relish: Discover the rich flavours of our Beetroot & Shiraz Relish, where earthy sweetness and tangy notes unite, creating a harmonious blend that elevates your dishes to a new level of deliciousness.

Fig, Apple & Chardonnay Chutney: Delight in the harmonious combination of figs, apples, and Chardonnay in our Fig, Apple & Chardonnay Chutney. This medley of flavours delivers a perfect balance of sweet and savoury, making it an ideal companion for cheeseboards, sandwiches, and more.

Merlot Wine Jelly: Lastly, our Merlot Wine Jelly encapsulates the essence of sophistication, featuring the velvety smoothness of Merlot wine. Spread it on your favorite artisanal bread or pair it with your preferred cheeses for an elegant and refined gastronomic experience.

Beetroot & Shiraz Relish (215g)
Fig, Apple & Chardonnay Chutney 230g
Merlot Wine Jelly 235g