Rocky Road - Dark Chocolate Cherries, Coconut & Spiced Wine


Discover the perfect rocky road, a blend of marshmallows and cherries topped with toasted coconut and covered with heavenly dark chocolate, drizzled in spiced wine syrup!

With every bite, you'll experience a uniquely satisfying combination of flavors and textures, of the creamy dark chocolate perfectly balanced by the sweet cherries, crunchy coconut, and warm spiced wine. Whether you're a fan of dark chocolate, coconut, or simply enjoy exploring new flavor combinations, our Dark Chocolate, Cherry, Coconut and Spiced Wine Rocky Road is sure to delight your taste buds.

Our Rocky Road is the perfect dessert for any occasion, whether you're entertaining guests or simply looking to treat yourself, indulge in a truly decadent and delicious experience with our Dark Chocolate, Cherry, Coconut and Spiced Wine Rocky Road!

*Nut free – but it is made in our kitchen where we store and use nuts.


Chocolate Ganache Tart

Chardonnay Wine Jelly
Emulsifier (soy lecithin)
Glace Cherries
Red Wine Syrup

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