Just Add Cheese Gift Hamper


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Entertain in style with this fabulous selection of gourmet goodies. All you need to do is add your favourite cheeses and whatever else you fancy and you will be able to whip up a cheeseboard in minutes. A great gift hamper for a house warming.

  • Figs in Shiraz Syrup (390g)
  • Semillon Pickled Pears (280g)
  • Fig, Apple & Chardonnay Chutney (230g)
  • Merlot Wine Jelly (115g)
  • Chardonnay Wine Jelly (115g)
  • Tomato & Riesling Relish (210g)
  • Balsamic Shiraz Glaze (340g)
Balsamic Shiraz Glaze 340g
Chardonnay Wine Jelly 115g
Fig, Apple & Chardonnay Chutney 230g
Figs in Shiraz Syrup (390g)
Merlot Wine Jelly 115g
Semillon Pickled Pears 280g
Tomato & Riesling Relish 210g

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