Vibrant Fusion: Riesling & Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls

Embark on a culinary journey with our Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls, bursting with a kaleidoscope of fresh flavours and paired with our zesty Vinofood Red Pepper, Chilli & Chardonnay Sauce. To accentuate this vibrant fusion, seek a wine that dances in harmony with its lively notes. Enter a cool climate Riesling, originating from the Rhine, Germany, is renowned for its crisp, clean profile with flavours of fresh lime, pear, and green apple, making it an ideal companion for dishes like these.  

Why? The dry yet slightly fruity profile, couple with lively citrus flavours and sometimes mineral undertones, harmonises beautifully with the vibrant, fresh flavours of the Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls and the zesty kick of the dipping sauce.

Flavour Harmony: The zesty acidity of the Riesling complements the crispness of the vegetables in the Rainbow Rice Paper Rolls, while its fruity notes of lime, pear, and green apple enhance the flavours of the dipping sauce, creating a balanced and refreshing pairing.

Versatility: Riesling's versatility shines with this dish, as its acidity can cut through the richness of the dipping sauce while its fruity profile complements the array of vegetables in the rolls. It's an excellent choice for a light and flavourful meal.

Our Choice: The Lake House Postcard Riesling with intense aromas of lemon and lime and a hint of blossom, this Riesling leads to lively citrus flavours and a generous mid-palate passionfruit.

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